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Postcards to the Front Australia

Postcards to the Front will never ask you for money. If you receive a request for money, it is not us. You are being scammed. We do accept unused postcards and stamps. We mail in bulk and a postcard to Ukraine only costs us between 20-50 cents each.

Our mission is to solicit postcards from Australians with messages of encouragement and support to Defenders of Ukraine on the front lines.

We send postcards in bulk to our Founder Tamara Levit in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. 

The cards are added to care packages which are hand delivered to the front lines. 

Since we started in mid March 2023 we have sent 12,771 postcards of support. Updated  24 Jul 2024

How to take part in this project:

  1. Obtain one or more postcards. Yes, very old technology . Scroll down to find out where they are hiding .

  2. Address your message to Defender of Ukraine. The front line defenders may be soldiers (both men & Women), Nurses, Doctors, Civilians etc. Write in either English or Ukrainian. 

  3. Use the entire back of the card to write your message. No need for a stamp on the postcard as we send them in bulk and they are hand delivered in Ukraine.

  4. Please do not use the word PEACE. This word has acquired a new meaning in Ukraine. When the Russians invaded, they told people they were doing this for peace. The word now conjures up images of people being killed, and property being destroyed.

  5. Please don't use a capital letter when referring to russia or russians. If referring to Putin please use the words Putin khuylo!

  6. Please print rather than write in a cursive script. With cursive it is difficult to distinguish the letters in a word. Printing makes it easier to read. English is usually a second, third or fourth language.

  7. Mention you are from Australia, this really cheers people up. Remind them that the world hasn’t forgotten them. Don't forget to write at least your first name on the card. That makes for a personal connection.

  8. No need for a return address on the card. Defenders are being shelled and shot at. They haven't got time to write back.

  9. Place your postcard(s) in an envelope and address them to Postcards to the Front PO Box 565 Williamstown Vic 3016, or  Postcards to the Front 3 Elgin St Newport Vic, 3015. Please include your name and emails address so we can let you know that they have arrived.

  10. Repeat steps 1-9 as often as required. Each card makes that personal one to one connection. Remember you can do these steps with a friend or two, or three..............

If you are in North America see PostcardstothefrontCanada

If you are in Europe send direct

Postcards to the front

PO BOX 696


76019  UKRAINE

If you are somewhere else and have money but no time


If you want to tell the russians what you really think

Russian Embassy

Where do I get Postcards from?

Australia Postcards    Australia Post    Becs Vintage Postcards

Australian Souvenirs  Fishpond    Utopia Homewares   Amazon

Ali Express  Zazzle 

If you are having problems getting postcards we can provide some, thanks to our generous supporters.

For additional information you can reach me at


or send a text to

0404 852 094

Postcards to the Front Australia Acknowledges the Custom Flags Australia  copyright on the flag we use on our site and thank them for allowing us use this.

Who supports Ukraine

Dogs do it in the park

Ducks do it in the dark

Pigs do it when they fart

Everyone did it on Noah's Ark

You should do it for a lark

Do it because it's the right thing to do

The People we do this for.

The Defenders of Ukraine need the support of all Australians

Ukraine is a democracy fighting against authoritarian political system built up over the last 20 years. putin is the undisputed leader of russia. 

In February and March 2014, Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula, taking it from Ukraine.

On 24 February 2022, russia invaded and occupied parts of Ukraine. The special military operation was planned to take 3-5 days, with Kyiv, the capital, being the major objective. An assassination List contained the name of President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other senior government officials who would be killed and replaced by putin puppets.

If we are to have a free world we have to stop this modern day hitler.

Please send these brave men and women a postcard of support

If we don't have your email address Please let us know by filling in the form on the right. That way we can keep in touch.

If you don't get an email from us acknowledging receipt of your postcards that means you didn't put your EMAIL address on the back of the envelope,

or if you did I can't read your writing.

You can also communicate with us this way if you don't have a phone or an email address.

If you don't have access to a postcard or You don't live in Australia Enter your Message here and we will put it on a postcard and send it for you.

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